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One of our 2010 beagle puppies
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they help make our lives whole."
-Roger Caras

Photo Update Schedule


Photo Updates as Puppies Grow

We typically try to take new photos of the puppies approximately every two weeks.

Like many of you, we have times when we simply can't do things we want to do because of other demands on time. Ball games, fundraising meetings for school and 4-H, elderly parents with health issues, and other miscellaneous time constraints mean that we can't always meet our goals for other things. Due to unexpected situations that can arise on the farm, with family, or just standard timely farm work that can't be postponed (as well as inconsistent Internet access/speeds in rural Iowa, we do not guarantee a day/date or schedule that we can have new photos taken, resized and cropped, and uploaded to the web site for you. But, "in general," we try update pictures about every two weeks.

Pictures start soon after birth, but not until we feel the puppies are past the initial days and they seem to be thriving. After their eyes open, we will often take photos again. When the puppies are 4 1/2 weeks or older, they finally get cute! They also begin to get active...which makes getting good pictures more challenging! Sometimes, we'll try and will simply give up, opting to try the next day if the puppies are either too tired or too playful to get good pictures.

E-mail Updates: When new photos are taken, cropped, resized to web-ready sizes, put on the web site, and uploaded, we will e-mail you to let you know that it is time to revisit the Sold/Reserved Puppies page to see the new pictures. :-)

Frequently Asked Question:  "Will you send new pictures to me? I want to see what my puppy looks like now." 
Our answer is usually "not right now." Please understand that we can't/won't randomly take pictures of individual puppies and send them on demand. We have set up this photo-taking schedule to help us be organized, to hopefully prevent us from mistakenly sending pictures to the wrong family, and to just have a little control over our "spare time."  Raising puppies, horses, dairy goats, and chickens causes us to have very little control over our schedules as it is! ;-) 

It's difficult to take "on demand" photos for several different families that are getting puppies from a litter, so we try to take pictures of the whole litter all at once, post online, and then email the families to let them know they can look at new pictures.

Examples of puppy photos and ages:

Newborn to 1 week

2-4 weeks

4-6 weeks

6-8 weeks

A video clip of a 6 week old puppy that also shows why we sometimes can't take pictures "on demand."  It takes helpers, because they have a LOT of energy at this age!


About 8 weeks


Many more pictures of puppies at varying ages can be seen on our "Sold Puppies" page at www.crbeagles.com/sold.htm .

Oh my, they change so much in such a short time! We send out e-mail notifications to our puppies' new families each time we post new photos online, so everyone can load their page and see the new pictures (and sometimes, video clips).

A Note about pictures and watermarks...

Because of the increasing instances of scammers stealing pictures from web sites, then using the photos to advertise puppies for sale as if they owned them, we may begin watermarking our pictures before putting them on the web site. The pictures will be watermarked at the same time as they are cropped, resized down to web-ready size, and saved, so we won't keep pictures that are not watermarked. If we have watermarked a photo, it is unlikely that we will have that puppy's pictures saved without a watermark.

Click here to read more about how those scammers work, and why we feel we should protect our puppies' families and our own reputation by watermarking. Now, I just have to get into the habit of taking the extra time to put the watermark on!

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