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We're glad you made it to this page, because it is an important page for anyone thinking of buying a puppy. It shows you what we do as normal practice when selling one of our puppies.

The top part of this page discusses typical practices
we generally follow regarding pricing, registering litters, etc.

The last section is our Guarantees section,
so please read all the way down and through it.

We'd also like to take this time to thank you for looking for a puppy directly from the people who raised it, rather than from a pet store.  Why?  Read our Pet Store Philosophy. Pet stores are fun places to visit, but before you buy a pet from one, be sure to weigh the advantages of buying directly from the original owners of the pet, like us.

Typical Practices

Note that we can only sell a puppy to someone that is 18 years old or older. If you are not 18 years old or older, you must have a parent sponsor your purchase. No guarantees are offered if a new owner does not disclose their age, and is under 18.


  • Prices are subject to change. See our For Sale page, e-mail us, or call us. "Most" of our puppies sell for $500 to $700 (edited 3/10/2015), but some are above or below that range.

  • Sales tax of 7% is included in the puppy price for Iowa homes.

  • There are people that sell their puppies for less than we do, but because of the strict health care plan and expensive facilities we have, we put a lot more money "into" our puppies than most people do. So it's harder for us to be able to offer them for much less.

    We often find that the cheaper puppies from other breeders end up costing more within a month or two in their new homes because the new families find that they have parasites, protozoa, etc. that require treatment. This extra cost for the veterinary treatments is because the cheaper puppies' breeders did not provide all the health care steps that we provide. Nobody is perfect, but we try to be thorough.

    We really try our best to ensure that the puppies are strong, healthy, and as free of any germs as possible before they leave us so that their new families are not stuck trying to "fix" their puppies.

    Also, note that if you reserve a puppy, and later a puppy from the same litter is offered at a reduced price, please know that your puppy's price is not changed. We sometimes change puppies' prices as they mature with many factors possibly affecting this decision. If you would like to TRADE for a cheaper puppy, please contact us. But please don't ask us to reduce your current puppy's price just because a different puppy's price was changed.

  • Also, most breeders hide their puppy sales from the IRS. We report our puppy sales, and pay sales taxes AND income taxes out of their proceeds. We pay taxes on our puppy sales (including the 7% Iowa sales tax), but don't charge that tax to our new puppies' buyers. Therefore, we are actually keeping less of our puppies' prices than most other breeders since we report this income via our tax returns.

  • Our puppies are generally APRI, AKC, or UKC registerable. APRI is our registry of choice, and your puppy will come with a registration application for UKC or APRI so you can name him or her yourself. Every now and then, we will register a litter with AKC instead with Limited Registration rights. Registration applications are often available when the puppies are 8 to 10 weeks old, but if they haven't been received yet, we will mail them to you when they arrive. Full AKC registration is sometimes available to buyers with approval from us on an individual basis.

  • Contact us when you reserve your puppy if you interested in AKC registration when we aren't planning to register the litter that way. Our pups are often AKC registerable, but we sometimes don't register them with AKC unless they will go to a proven show home, and then only with our approval. If AKC registration is applied for, your puppy will have an AKC limited registration application unless we agree immediately on an option for Full registration at a higher price. Any other registry applications must be returned to us if they have already been given to the puppy buyer.

  • We reserve the right to choose the puppy registration association, and that will be marked with the litter's information on the For Sale and/or Sold pages, or wherever the litter is pictured on the web site.

  • Periodically, a puppy may be born with some type of unusual unsoundness that would be counted against it in a show. If a puppy has a flaw, we will mark its papers for a conditional/limited registration or not register it, so it can not have registered offspring. Should we have a puppy with a flaw (such as a hernia or overbite), we will require a spay/neuter guarantee from the buyer.

  • Click here to learn more about registration options.

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  • BEST METHOD:  E-mail.  Unless we're out of town, our e-mail is "usually" checked several times per day. We also like to have inquiries in writing, as that gives us a way to review contact information and your requests if needed.  If you email us, please be sure we also have your phone number.  We have had cases where two parties wanted the same puppy, and we couldn't reach one party in a timely manner because all we had was their e-mail address.

  • Please contact us via telephone (between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. CST if possible).  I rarely check voice mail, so do not recommend leaving a voice mail message.

Buying Procedures

  • When you have picked out your puppy and are ready to buy, what do you do next?

  • Visit our Buying Procedures page for a list of steps you might follow as you choose, buy, and prepare for your new puppy.

  • Note that if you buy a puppy from us, you promise to

    • continue with the puppy's vaccination series (typically, 4 to 5 vaccinations including the one we give around 6 weeks of age)

    • read the sales procedures and guarantees page

    • inform us via e-mail of your intention to breed, BEFORE buying a puppy, if you plan to breed. Registration papers will be marked for non-breeding unless you discuss breeding plans in advance with us.

    • potentially wait for a couple weeks after receiving your puppy to get his papers, as we often hold them to ensure that you are happy with your puppy and are able to keep it before mailing out registrations.


  • A $100 nonrefundable deposit is required to hold a puppy until it is old enough to go to your home, though some people pay fully at the time of their purchase decision. If for some reason, you are unable to finish buying the puppy, and you tell us before he/she is 7 weeks old, we will refund all but the deposit to you.

  • No puppy is considered sold until a deposit has been received, although if we are sure you are sincere, we'll hold one for a few days while your mail is in process. This is very important, because the most frequently-occurring issue we run into is waiting for a deposit from one buyer and having a second buyer want the same puppy. Usually, the first buyer is sincere, but sometimes it happens that there is no follow-through.  The fastest way to send a deposit is via PayPal.  You don't have to have a PayPal account...just click the buttons on our Paying page.  We highly recommend using PayPal for deposits so your deposit is immediate and there is no room for uncertainty.

  • Please note that we want to do what is best for the puppy, and also what is fair for both you and for us.  We have had situations where more than one person wanted the same puppy, and it is very hard to manage this without hurting feelings.  If you are sure you want a puppy, we suggest that you place a deposit on the puppy immediately.  If a second party discovers the puppy and offers to buy, and if they appear to be a good home, we are hard-pressed to turn them down when no deposit has been paid or mailed.  Please don't ask us to hold a puppy while you think about it, as we can't turn other good homes down when a puppy is not firmly sold.

  • Payment in full is expected at least two weeks prior to shipping date if by check/money order, or at pick up if the final payment is in cash. Puppies will not be released until payment clears. Cash payment at the time of pickup is just fine, and is what most people do.

  • Puppies held at buyer's request beyond 8 weeks of age must be paid for in full by 8 weeks of age. For example, if we hold a puppy for you until it is 11 weeks old so it can arrive at your home for a special occasion, the puppy must still be paid for before it is 8 weeks old.
    In addition, puppies held at buyer's request beyond 8 weeks of age will require payment for veterinary expenses we incur beyond the 8 week age date. This includes routine care (such as vaccinations), emergency care, or any kind of care other than feeding/watering.

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  • Your puppy may be flown or shipped to you via pet-hauling services if we are offering shipping for the particular litter involved. At some times of year, we are unable to do so, however.

  • Check out our Shipping Page for more information.

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Click here for a printer-friendly version of the Guarantees.


These guarantees apply to puppies that were paid for in full for normal prices. Improperly-handled payments on the part of the buyer and puppies sold at discounted prices do not qualify for this guarantee.

ALL DOGS BRED AND SOLD BY CEDAR RIDGE WILL BE HONESTLY REPRESENTED AND EVALUATED AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE AT TIME OF SALE. If there is something wrong with a puppy that we know of, we will not hide it.  Our puppies are checked for hernias, tooth/jaw correctness, eye problems, joint problems, and other normal issues that can be observed in a small puppy around 6 to 7 weeks of age.  Since our dogs have been selected not just for dispositions, but also for health, we do not expect to find health problems in the puppies.  Should one occur, however, we will not hide it! As all breeds of dogs have health situations found within the breed, we know that from time to time we might have a problem found at the health check, and we will disclose that if it happens. If a puppy is determined to have an issue at the time of its health check, you may be offered the opportunity to get your money back, or even to buy the puppy at a lower price (depending upon the nature of the veterinarian's discovery).

ALL DOGS bred and sold by Cedar Ridge are under veterinary supervision. They first typically see the vet between 3 to 5 days of age, when their dew claws are removed as a future injury prevention. Puppies are again checked by a veterinarian between 6 and 8 weeks of age to ensure that they are sound and in apparently good health at that time.  

Puppies are given preventative medicines at prescribed intervals to treat and prevent issues such as worms, coccidiosis, skin/ear pests, giardhia, etc. They also receive their first vaccination before leaving us. We give vaccinations here at home, having received instruction through our veterinarians and years of experience with with animal health care. If you would like your puppy to receive his/her vaccination from a veterinarian (instead of from us), we will be happy to take him/her to the veterinarian at your expense. This is probably close to $20 per puppy per vaccination, but we will confirm a cost if you request veterinary administration due to changing costs as time passes.

Our puppies will be dewormed several times, and will have received vaccinations beginning typically at 5 1/2 or 6 weeks of age while in our care, and it will be up to the new owner to continue its health program. Until this series of inoculations has been completed at about 16 weeks of age, the puppy should not be exposed to premises known to be or suspected of being contaminated, or to unhealthy animals (dog parks, interstate rest areas, the floors of veterinary offices, groomers, obedience classes, or any place with a lot of dog traffic, for example). For the Humane Society's list of vaccination recommendations, click here. But, ask your vet for the recommended health care regimen for your geographic location.

Most states allow puppies to leave at 6 or 7 weeks of age. We prefer that our puppies stay with us until they are 8 weeks old, but do allow some to leave a few days early if all goes well with weaning. Our guarantees apply only to puppies that stay with us until at least 7 weeks 4 days of age unless otherwise agreed upon in writing with the puppy's new owners.

Short-term health: Buyers have 3 business days from the time of purchase/exchange of hands to have the puppy inspected by a licensed veterinarian (at buyer's expense).  If a puppy is determined to have an unacceptable health problem by the buyer's veterinarian in that time frame that will significantly affect its long-term quality of life (not including illnesses/conditions such as colds, viruses, retained testicles, mange, coccidiosis, worms, etc.), and which is confirmed by the seller's veterinarian, the buyer may return the puppy at the buyer's expense. In the event of a puppy death in this time, a veterinary report from the veterinarian treating/examining the puppy must be submitted to our veterinarian for inspection.  A refund or a trade for a different puppy of the same gender and approximate price will be arranged.

No refunds/reimbursements for travel costs or health care are offered. No refunds/reimbursements for loss of puppy due to owner negligence or an accident will be offered.

Long-term health: Our dogs are all healthy and as far as we know are free of genetic health problems. However, if a puppy develops a genetic health problem within one year of its birth that significantly and negatively affects its long-term quality of life (such as hip displasia or epilepsy), diagnosed by the buyer's licensed veterinarian within that first year of age and that is confirmed with the seller's veterinarian, we want to resolve the issue with you. If both veterinarians agree that the condition is genetic, permanent, and significantly affects the quality of life of the dog, we may be able to offer to trade a different puppy of similar price and gender or refund. Buyer would pay travel and veterinary costs.

Blue Alopecia, very rare but which can occur in blue/silver and lilac-colored dogs, is not considered a condition that would necessitate a refund or exchange. If you seek and buy a blue/silver or lilac/khaki-colored dog, you should educate yourself about blue alopecia. We have not had it in our dogs, but can't guarantee its absence because inheritance is not fully known by scientists.

Any medicating or care of any kind that the buyer provides the puppy will be at the buyer's expense. The buyer may choose to provide medical care or to euthanize a critically ill dog. Cedar Ridge Beagles will not reimburse for medical care.

Refunds/exchanges are only given for puppies determined to have an unsoundness/unhealthiness that will significantly affect its quality of life that was not preventable, and agreed upon by both buyer's and seller's veterinarians. Buyer would pay travel and veterinary costs.  Injuries received or preventable illnesses occurring in puppies after leaving Cedar Ridge do not apply to this guarantee.

Reduced-Price or Free Puppies: Puppies offered for sale at a reduced price due to a defect or those given away for free due to a defect are rare. In the event that we have this occur, those puppies are offered "as is," without guarantees related to the cause of its reduced price or free state. If you purchase a reduced-price puppy that develops an issue during its first year, contact us. We will not replace a puppy with another puppy if the original puppy was free, but may offer a credit of equivalent value for a puppy that was sold at a reduced price.

Color:  We try to predict puppy color accurately, but with some colors (especially lemon, tan, and red), it is difficult to be 100% correct while puppies are young. We do not guarantee that the color we predict will be correct at the puppy's maturity, and do not offer refunds if the color is not correct.

Size:  We try to predict puppy size accurately, but it is difficult to be 100% correct while puppies are young. We do not guarantee that the size we predict will be correct at the puppy's maturity, and do not offer refunds if the size is not correct. Final size can be affected by gender and nutrition as well as genetics.

Breeding Quality: It is our intention to try to sell puppies to non-breeding homes. Our puppies may or may not be show quality and/or breeding quality. High quality is difficult to predict at the young ages our puppies leave us most of the time (8 weeks of age). Therefore, we do not guarantee that puppies will be successful in the show ring. We also do not guarantee that our puppies will produce show-quality offspring (i.e. we don't guarantee that a puppy from us would be considered breeding quality for show puppies). We have no way of ensuring anything about the quality/health of offspring of our puppies if you raise our puppy and later breed it.

Returned/Unwanted Puppies: From time to time, a life situation requires a new puppy's family to not be able to keep their new puppy. In this situation, we want to be notified so we can help find the puppy another good home.

If you determine that you can not keep your puppy after receiving him/her, we will try to help you find a new home for your puppy. We can not guarantee that you will recoup your money, as the puppy's advancing age generally causes a reduction in the price people are willing to pay. We also can not represent the puppy's health care and human socialization beyond the date the puppy left us, and therefore can not claim the puppy belongs to us in order to increase potential buyers' confidence.

If you want to return the puppy to us, shipping/transportation are at your expense. The puppy must visit our veterinarian at your expense before re-entering our property due to our desire to eliminate outside introduction of contagious diseases. This is because of our lack of control over what your puppy has been exposed to since initially leaving us. If our veterinarian approves the puppy's health, and if we have a place to quarantine him/her, we will keep the puppy while trying to find a new home for him/her for a limited time.

If the puppy sells within 3 weeks, we will forward the money to you, minus expenses such as vaccinations/health care costs incurred during that time the puppy was boarded with us. If after 3 weeks we have not found a new home, we may have to offer the puppy "free to a good home" because we have limited places to keep puppies other than the newborns or recently-weaned puppies.

Legal Notes: All puppies/dogs purchased from Cedar Ridge Beagles will be considered sold in Taylor County, Iowa, regardless of the location of the buyer. Therefore, the transaction location is Taylor County, Iowa.

Under Iowa Law (and almost all states' laws), a domesticated animal professional is not liable for damages suffered by, an injury or illness to, or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of domesticated animal activities, pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 673 or similar code. You are assuming the inherent risks of participating in this domesticated animal activity when you interact with, buy or own any animal purchased in the state of Iowa.

Click here for a printer-friendly version of the Guarantees.

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