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"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they help make our lives whole."
-Roger Caras

Beagle Blog


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Our "Beagle Blog"

I rarely update the Blog page, but the Puppies For Sale page
is updated almost daily when a change occurs.

For example, if  puppy is reserved, it is typically marked as such within hours.

  • March 2, 2012 AKC recently announced the most popular breeds of 2011. "While the Labrador Retriever has proven once again to be a family favorite, this year clearly belongs to the Beagle," said AKC Spokesperson Lisa Peterson.  "The Beagle's merry personality combined with his love of outdoor activities make him such a wonderful family pet that I wouldn't be surprised to see this spunky breed sniff his way to the top of the list next year." http://www.akc.org/news/index.cfm?article_id=4592

  • November 9 We are hoping for new puppies later in November that can leave us in January. It could be a colorful month, with possible tri-colors, blue/silver tri, lilac tri, and chocolate tri puppies!

  • September 30 We have a new litter of puppies that can leave us in mid November. They will soon be pictured individually on our Puppies web page.

  • September 1 We have a new litter of puppies pictured on our Puppies' page!

  • April 29 I keep forgetting to update the Blog page! We have puppies available on our Puppies page, and we are getting very close to moving into our new kennel, so photos of that will come very soon!

  • February 15 We are in a holding pattern here, waiting for the new beagle home's finishing touches to be completed and also waiting for spring puppies to arrive. It has been a long winter!

  • January 18 Help needed for a friend's beagles: If you are in or near southern Idaho, and would be interested in adopting an adult beagle, please contact me to learn more. A family in southern Idaho has to re-home several beagles and wants them to go to loving homes. They are house trained!

  • December 21 Our new "dog house" is getting closer and closer! It has a living room with 3 doggie doors for weaned puppies, and will have about 40 feet long of indoor living area for the adults with geothermal-assisted heating and cooling. Outside, there will be a covered portion of the pens for shade and outdoor play during rain, plus additional fenced-in run area without a roof.

  • December 8 My indoor puppy play pen makes a great drying rack for sweaters when the puppies are not in it. However, I must remember to remove said sweaters and sweatshirts when puppies ARE in it. Hmmm...

  • November 15 We have our first-ever silver beagle puppy! Mr Haney and Farrah had puppies, which include a silver (blue) tri, a chocolate tri, and standard tri-colored puppies. I'll have pictures on the web site soon. They will be able to leave us in early January.

  • October 24 We had a great time at the show this weekend with our friend Jody from Hess Hounds! We brought home some blue ribbons and one Best In Group. We are glad to be home to rest today, though!

  • October 12 Fall is here, and we are busy planting garlic for our organic garlic farm (www.2sistersgarlic.com). But we always take time to enjoy the beagles, and today, Rose was taking time to enjoy the warm sunshine!

  • September 10 Construction of our new kennel has begun! We are moving our big-dog pens so their home can be better heated/air conditioned, and so it can also be fully covered by wireless surveillance. My pocketbook is yelling "ouch," but I'm excited for them to have even better quarters. Plus, their extremely-huge shade trees are scaring me...they are so tall and old that I fear every high-wind storm.

  • August 30 We are expecting a litter any day, which should be chocolates and lilacs. These puppies should mature to 13 and possibly 14" (varying by puppy) in height. Of course, I'll put a note up when they come! Anxiously waiting....  :-)

  • August 10 Last winter, we had dreams about summer warmth. Now that the heat index is 115 degrees, we are thinking of cooler times! Plans are underway for a new home for our outdoor beagles that will be not just heated, but also air conditioned. They don't seem to mind the heat like we do, but a little more pampering isn't going to hurt. ;-)

  • July 24 Oh my, I've been negligent on updating the blog! We have been busy harvesting garlic and participating in the 4-H shows at the Taylor County Fair, playing with puppies, and doing the chores required on the farm. We are not expecting litters in July or August, but hope to have a litter in September that would be chocolate and lilac colored puppies. We are also planning new living arrangements for our beagles, with better climate control and play areas for puppies and kids. Much to do!

  • June 13 Lilac puppies are here! Luna and Khaktus are the parents of a litter of gorgeous, silvery-purple babies. I will have new photos available for the families that have pre-reserved puppies late this week. After all of the pre-reserved puppies have been chosen, I will make the photos public. I think a couple male lilac puppies might be available following the pre-reserved puppies being picked.

  • May 19 The puppies are still doing well, and we are frantically playing with them because they will leave us so soon. :-(  We are hoping for another litter very soon, but they won't be able to play with us until late in June. Hoping for some tri-colored and chocolate tri puppies to arrive still in May, and maybe lilacs next month!

  • April 25 Puppies are doing great, and are beginning to play with each other. I hear little growls as they chew on each others ears and tails. They will get fun soon!

  • April 2 More puppies! Sassy and Bandit had their first litter of puppies this morning. Everyone seems to be doing well, and we'll have pictures for the web site some time this upcoming week (after Easter).

  • April 1 We had our first vet visit with the new puppies today, and they are safely back with Mom now. We plan to take pictures this weekend to put on the web site. I just love watching them...we've missed having puppies for months now!

  • March 29 Puppies are arriving today! Birthing is going well, and hopefully everyone will get enough of the rich first milk. Just taking a very quick break to let everyone that is watching know that the puppies are coming....back to Barbie and the puppies now!

  • March 3 The sun is out and the snow is beginning to melt! Everyone is out soaking up the sunshine, from dogs to cats to horses. Everyone is happy!

  • February 20 We don't have any puppies to play with, but some friends of ours asked us to babysit their bottle goat while they are out of town this weekend. So, the kids and the kid are having lots of fun together!

  • February 5 Just when things were looking pretty ugly outside (snow on the flat areas had melted, leaving the tan and brown winter colors), we have received more snow. Thankfully, it's a "normal" snow of just an inch or two. That is doable, and in fact, made it easier to haul hay to the barn (via the girls' sleds)!

  • February 3 That crazy Humane Society of the United States commercial asking viewers to give $19 per month is really scary to me. At the rate given in their last published financial statement from HSUS, only $1.03 out of that $19.00 would go to shelters to help homeless animals.

    I think they are more accurately termed a lobbying group, not an animal-supporting group. Groups like the HSUS may some day be the cause of it  being illegal for humans to eat meat, owning pets being illegal...seriously, they have pretty lofty goals.

    If you believe you have the right to have pets, and even to own purebred, registered pets, we feel you should be afraid of the Humane Society of the United States. I believe they will attempt to take that right away from you.

    The HSUS is not the same as the local "Humane Society." This isn't just my opinion...If anyone deserves your $19 per month, it's your LOCAL Humane Society. NOT the HSUS lobbying group!     More...

  • February 2 We are hoping to have puppies arrive in the last few days of March and/or the first few days of April. Lauren's "show puppy" is trying for his first litter of puppies, so we aren't sure if that will be successful yet. If not, we expect puppies from Trax and Barbie in the first week of April. Tuff may also be a daddy soon...I guess we're making up for these several months with no puppies possibly?

  • January 27 Kids and beagles...while outside yesterday hunkered down into my coveralls against the cold wind, I heard the girls just giggling and giggling...that kind of infectious giggle that makes BIG people want to giggle. I walked toward the sound and saw the girls sitting on a snowdrift covered by happy, waggy-tailed beagles all trying to get attention at the same time. Those beagles...they LOVE kids, and those kids....well, they LOVE beagles!

  • January 11 It's a boring beagle news day when I use the blog to say "Happy Birthday" to my sister! Ha ha! My sister lives about 25 miles away and her love is Bloodhounds (see www.hansenhounds.com), but she is a big help with our beagles when we need more helping hands. Hmmm...I wonder if she would come help us shovel more snow? ;-)

  • January 8: More snow and dangerous temperatures have combined for another snow day for local children. "Queen Rose" has had a makeover, including a new pipe-cleaner crown, perfume, grooming...thankfully I did catch the kids before they put makeup on Rose. She is being very patient! I stand corrected...Lipstick, nail polish, eye makeup...

  • December 30 More snow? We had 1 1/2" during the night, but I think it won't go over 2" for the day. Still, enough is enough! At least as far as we humans are concerned. As for beagles...they LOVE it! The pile in the playpen is 6' tall now, but there are little alleys connecting all the places we and the dogs need to go. The beagles can leap over the walls of most alleys and go up the pile, but I can't!

  • December 27 Well, I can hardly move today. But, I have more snow shoveling to do! I shoveled for 4 or 5 hours and "tried" to use a snow blower for another hour (didn't work...too deep!) yesterday. There's more to do today, as I have to try to move snow OUT of each of our pens/runs. So far, I have just opened a way to allow the dogs to get to the playpen and have made a thin aisle inside their pens so they can get from their heated building to their gate leading to the playpen. And play they do! They are loving the 4-foot-tall (and sometimes taller) piles of snow that I've created while making a way for us to get into and out of their pens. In our years of having beagles, this last month (2 snow storms) has been the hardest on my body!

  • December 22 Things are becoming pretty quiet around here as puppies leave for their new homes. We will enjoy these last puppies as much as possible, as we won't have any more until spring. It will be a long winter for the kids without puppies to play with, but maybe we can practice more for dog shows in hopes of attending a few more this coming summer.

    We have received pictures and notes from some of our puppies' new families, and LOVE the updates! Thanks to all of our puppies' new families!

  • December 11 NOTE TO SELF: Frozen dog poo, when ejected through a snow blower chute, can shatter or dent almost any man-made material. ;-)

  • November 25 New pictures will hopefully be online as the day progresses, and video clips of Hershey's and Bitty's puppies by this evening. I can't say enough about these puppies and how proud I am of their father, Trax, for producing such gorgeous puppies. Maybe "Unbelievably Cute" could describe them!

  • November 23 Time is really getting away from us! We're getting outside when we can, and preparing for cold winter weather. Our puppies that will leave us in December are getting close to weaning age, and Liz's puppies began opening their eyes today. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  • November 5 Gorgeous weather! This is a great time of year for us, and the girls are having a blast taking their beagles out on walks and runs. They think they found a mountain lion print last week, and the beagles were extremely excited and trying to track something. However, there were deer tracks there too, so the dogs may have been following that scent. It's great to look out the kitchen window at the autumn fields and see young people getting all that exercise with their beagles in the fields, white-tipped tails straight up in the air.

  • October 26 Back from the show. Sassy earned her first leg toward Prominent Champion. Trax earned two legs toward Champion, and jumped off the bench during his last class of the day. Oops! I think both he and Carmen were pretty tired by that time. Coppertop earned two legs toward Champion.

  • October 23 We are finally finished planting garlic, and things should go back to normal here. During this past month, we've received many phone calls while out in the field, and I apologize to all of you that called but were unable to talk with me due to poor reception and loud tractor noise.

  • October 3 We are busy getting ready for cold weather, as fall weather has arrived and we know winter is just around the corner. Next week, we are doing more electrical and plumbing work to our dogs' homes, and then we'll be ready for the snow to fly...though we hope it does not come TOO soon! Also, Luna has had her lilac puppies, and we hope to have them posted on the web site late Monday or early Tuesday. The four families that have pre-reserved puppies will be allowed to choose their puppies first, and they have been notified and are anxiously awaiting pictures. After they have picked their new ones, we'll allow additional reservations for these rare little babies to be made!

  • September 18 Luna is getting larger, and will soon have her puppies! We're expecting them to be lilac tris, with small possibilities for red and white or lemon and white.

  • September 13 Just back from the dog show, and we had a great time. Both of our beagles earned points and ribbons, and we enjoyed seeing all the different breeds decked out for a show. CR Sassy Tide Chaser will show again this fall in hopes of earning Prominent Champion. "Sassy" earned 198.5 out of 200 possible points in one show, which is an amazing score! We hope to improve her fitness and comfort level on the bench and try for a perfect score of 200 some time soon...a very difficult feat, but why not try! :-)

  • August 31 It is getting colder and colder at night! Autumn is fast approaching. We will be attending a show later this fall. Hopefully, we will both have fun and do well.

  • August 27 Our new litter has arrived! Tweetie's puppies are now pictured on our Available Puppies page. She had 2 girls and 3 boys (tri-colored and chocolate tri-colored), and these puppies should be much smaller than average. Tweetie weighs around 12 lbs most of the time, and her last litter (full siblings to this litter) remained much smaller than most of our puppies. As seems to happen most years in August and September, we have more puppies to come soon also!

  • August 17 Our new litter is now pictured on our page of Available Puppies. We have 3 boys and one girl, and are also watching for a litter to arrive in late August.

  • August 11 New puppies are arriving...more info to come!

  • August 6 Just playing the waiting game here. It has been a while since we've had beagle puppies (almost 2 months!), but we are expecting some within the next week hopefully. They will most likely all be tri-colored, with a potential for lemon/red and white puppies. Watch for a birth announcement on this page or here!

  • July 25 We got camera-happy again today, and took about 100 pictures of the puppies. :-)  I have some online, and am going to try to get the rest up by tomorrow night. We also have a few video clips, which I'll try to get on by Monday evening. Barrels of fun, these puppies are!

  • July 21 Long time, no update. We are in the middle of our Garlic Harvest, and I'm away from the house most of the time. It's just a couple hundred yards, but for some reason, my cell phone doesn't have coverage there. The puppies are all doing great, and Hannah's puppies will be weaned tomorrow. They have received their first puppy vaccination...time is flying! We have adopted a litter of Puggle puppies, and are enjoying having some unique puppies here as well.

  • July 10 Great news from New York via Iowa! One of our puppies that left last month for his new home was up for adoption because his new owner found out he was allergic to puppies. But somehow, he has now overcome his allergies and gets to keep his puppy. We are so thrilled for Carmelina and Anthony and "Spot," who now get to stay together! :-)

  • July 7 New pictures coming! We took new photos today of some of the puppies, and I'll try to have them on the web site tomorrow.

  • July 1 We are welcoming two new beagle moms, T-Bars Charlotte and T-Bars Howards Nellie Glynn today, along with Charlotte's puggle puppies and Nellie Glynn's soon-to-come puggle puppies. Our first beagles came from T-Bars Beagles, and due to health reasons, Don has had to let his last two beagles go. We are pleased to have these two beautiful girls join their former best friends, whom they have not seen in several years. If you know of anyone looking for a Puggle puppy, let them know about these babies. We'll be adding their pictures to Don and Margaret's web site at www.tbarsbeagles.com by July 3rd.

  • June 30 Hannah's puppies have opened their eyes, and soon will begin to toddle around! Liz's puppies will be weaned tomorrow, as they are eating puppy food very well and have had their first puppy vaccination. Wishing a wonderful 4th of July to everyone!

  • June 25 Each of Rainey's puppies has a new photo today. They are still too young for "cute" pictures and activity, but a portrait picture is nice to see as they change from infants to toddlers. :-)  Please excuse the fuzzy pictures...my husband used the camera last weekend and smudged the lens, and I couldn't tell while taking the photos. It's very noticeable in the pictures, though.

  • June 24 We've had terrible heat for 3 days (heat index was 126 degrees on Monday at the weather center 45 miles west of us), and the air conditioner in my nursery called it quits. So we have Rainey and Hannah and their puppies in the house, and fans creating a cyclone in the nursery for the older puppies, plus water for them to wade in. They're all doing ok, but we knew the infants wouldn't be comfortable in such hot weather so they are snoozing in the house with us.

  • June 16 We have new pictures of Liz's puppies online, and also a couple video clips. We have also decided to offer 2 puppies for sale that we were planning to keep, but feel we'll wait for a future litter instead for a keeper or two. They are now pictured here. Rainey's puppies are opening their eyes, so we'll take new pictures of them later this week, as well as Hannah's puppies. We may not have a new litter for quite some time now, so we'll have to enjoy these little tykes while they are here!

  • June 14 Hannah has puppies! More information and pictures to come, as well as photos of Liz's puppies. Liz's puppies are up toddling around now, and are CUTE!

  • June 4 New puppies! Rainey had her puppies yesterday, and we have both chocolate and lilac tri-colored puppies. Late in the weekend, I'll share pictures of them with the families that have pre-reserved puppies, and then with those that are on our news updates list. After puppies are chosen, I'll post them online for everyone to see. Also, Liz's puppies have opened their eyes and are up trying to walk already! They have received their first deworming, and I'll take new pictures of them soon.

  • June 2 It has been crazy here for the last week, so please pardon my lack of entries in the blog. We have had 3 new foals born, and several thunderstorms that have kept the computer unplugged. Add to that the fact that a neighboring farm owner bulldozed a tree line along the road...including the telephone equipment and some of the underground phone lines, which caused us to not have telephone or Internet access for almost all of last weekend! Anyway, the puppies are all doing great and Rainey looks like she will have her puppies very, very soon. Hannah is also due in mid June.

  • May 19 New puppies are arriving! Liz is having her puppies by Tuff today. They are all tri-colored, some boys and girls, with varying amounts of white. Liz is being a great mom! They will be ready to leave us around July 14.

  • May 18 New pictures are up for Squirt, and Haley, and Barbie's puppies (on the Sold Puppies' page). We have some video clips too, but they take longer to process/upload, so I'm working on those. We'll try to get new pictures of Bitty's litter tomorrow. And, we're STILL waiting for Liz to have puppies! :-)

  • May 12 Waiting on Liz's puppies...she is looking like she is close, and by my calendar, it's almost time as well! Also, Rainey is looking pregnant, so we are looking forward to Lilac and Chocolate-colored puppies in June. :-)

  • May 9  Haley's and Squirt's puppies have been away from their moms for 2 days now, and all the puppies are doing great. They've had their first shot, been dewormed multiple times, had a preventative treatment for ear mites (even though we've never had those here), and have had 2 anti-protozoal treatments. Next week, they'll get a multi-day deworming with a different dewormer and will have another anti-protozoal, and then they'll be ready to go! Since yesterday at noon, all the puppies have been going through their doggie door to potty, too. Cleaning up is getting much easier!

    Barbie's and Bitty's puppies are growing wonderfully too. They are playing and getting to the "cute stage" and will take much better pictures this next time. :-)

  • May 6 Haley's puppies have figured out the puppy door, and are going inside and outside on their own! Squirt and Haley's puppies are both doing a good job of eating solid puppy food too, so weaning time is just around the corner. Our new puppy playhouse is nearly finished, and we hope to have it done this weekend (at least finished enough that we can begin using it). Fun just around the corner!

  • May 2 We are having a tough time here, and hope you'll send good healing prayers and vibes our way. Rose, our "welcome to the farm" beagle (she gets to run the farm and come in the house) ripped her abdomen open on either barbed wire or a stick, and had to have surgery. During surgery, the vet noticed and removed a mammary tumor. She will probably have more pop up. This is something that is more common in females that were not spayed before their first heat cycle. If you are not planning to breed, remember to have your female puppy spayed before she is 6 months old, as this offers some health benefits for your puppy. We also have a newborn foal that is not doing well, and I'm having to tube feed him every hour. His prognosis is not good, but we'll try as much as we can to help him pull through.

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