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I'll tell you a little about our dogs and facilities, and why we have our layout the way we do. That way, if you feel we aren't what you're looking for, you can look elsewhere rather than making an unneeded trip to visit us. We want to be honest and up front! :-)

Our way of taking care of the dogs has been developed through a cooperative effort of advice from our vet, other beagle owners and breeders, Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship regulations, and our experience. Our goals in planning the facilities are always changing, and involve:

  • Limiting/eliminating exposure to germs, bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. that would affect the dogs and puppies' health

  • Providing exercise room

  • Allowing for effective cleanup and disinfection for health

  • Safety for the dogs

  • Prevention of invasion from outside animals

  • Not enclosing the dogs inside a building...they deserve to be able to go inside and outside, run, wrestle, etc.

Facilities for Mature Dogs

Our beagles consist of

  • pets/retired dogs,

  • males,

  • females, and

  • partially-grown beagles.

This number allows us to have several boys, so we can pair the moms and dads with their best partner. Having only one male would mean that a breeder would not be able to choose the BEST partners to produce good puppies.

Since our puppies must be as free as possible of infectious bacteria and viruses, we keep our dogs that have puppies in pens/runs rather than letting them run free. Dogs in the country that run free are difficult to keep free of coccidia, giardia, tapeworms and fleas (from eating rabbits), etc. So the only way to make it work is for us to keep them away from the organisms we don't want them exposed to. It also keeps our females from being bred by stray dogs.  The pens are cleaned once to twice daily (more often when puppies are weaned), and they have clean water 24/7 and some of the dogs have food 24/7. Some that would get overweight with free access to food are fed twice daily instead of continuously, though.

Our mature dogs have pens to run/play in with either sand, cement, powdered gravel, pea-sized gravel, or small gravel footing. The small gravel footing exercises their feet the best, but the sand/powder/pea-sized gravels and cement are much more effectively cleaned. We are not able to allow the dogs to live on grass as described in the next paragraph.

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship inspector that visits us each year to approve the facilities for our license will not allow us to let the dogs live on grass as their main pen surface. I believe it's due to the inability to keep grass clean and free of bugs and germs. In any case, to be licensed we have to have pens/runs with replaceable footing (sand, gravel, lime, etc.) or else something solid like cement. We are allowed to have "play yards" with grass, so are incorporating a yard with our new kennel being built in the spring of 2017.

Our Kennel

Instead of three houses that we had previously, we built one very large house in 2010-2011 to make playing, heating/cooling, and cleaning more efficient. In the spring of 2017, we built another so we can better separate boys from girls.

Their homes include outdoor runs with doggie doors to indoor pens. The buildings are heated in the winter, and stay cool in the summer either with air conditioning or ground source cooling, as well as fans. Inside, they have a dog house and an area outside of the house, so they can choose their own climate. Through their run's gate, they are given daily access to a larger play area.

New kennel completed in 2017. I will take pictures soon. Yard around the kennel is fenced for them to play in.

2012: Note the cat on the roof...silly kitty!

2012 home, almost ready!

In years past...efficient, but not as pretty! (no longer in use)

Silly beagles...go back inside where it's heated and warm! Our first beagle runs in the sand and shade

I wanted you to know that our dogs ARE in pens/runs in case that is against your philosophy.  We must do it this way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and unhealthy/infected puppies, and in fact are required to do so for state licensure (the dogs can't run free). Our kennel inspector also will not allow grass as their outdoor footing, so we have experimented with sand and small gravel as well as concrete.

"The Nursery"

Newborn Puppy Facilities

We have a building that is heated/air conditioned that our mother dogs have their puppies in. Each mother has an indoor area with 24/7 food and water, and can go through a doggie door to an outdoor area to potty. If we have 3 or less litters at a time (which is almost always the case, as we often have no puppies but sometimes have 2 litters close together), we remove dividers to give the dogs more multiple doggie doors and larger inside and outside areas.

Nursery building where our mother dogs have their puppies
in heated/air conditioned comfort (not a permanent residence)

What is a Puppy Mill?

I don't know that there is a solid definition, as everyone has their own idea of what is right or wrong. We have our own thoughts on what is right and wrong. We think that some indications of a puppy mill include selling to pet stores, selling to puppy brokers, raising more than 2 breeds of dogs (because when raising too many breeds, one can't become as knowledgeable about each of the breeds they raise...too many differences in breeds), they don't play with their puppies, keeping dogs in above-ground small hutches year around, etc.  We do NOT fall into those categories.

  • We do not raise multiple breeds.

  • We do not keep our adult dogs in rabbit hutches and above-ground cages. Our adult dogs can run, wrestle, go inside and outside, play, etc.

  • We do not sell to puppy brokers or pet stores. We only sell to individuals, and have set our prices far above what pet stores will pay to ensure that a pet store or broker does not pose as an individual to try to buy our puppies.

  • We try constantly to learn more about beagles and dog health and well being.

  • Our facility decisions are not based upon keeping it cheap or easy. We put the dogs' welfare ahead of that.

  • We play with our puppies! They receive love and attention daily!

Below is a picture someone sent us of a puppy mill that they saw on the way to our home. They took a picture of it to show us. We are glad we don't raise our dogs this way.

The picture below is NOT us! It was sent to us by a customer.

The picture above is NOT us! It was sent to us by a customer.

More about puppy mills can be inferred by reading this page (click here).

Visiting Us

Beware of using Mapquest or Yahoo Maps...their instructions are sometimes incorrect, or may lead you down a MUD road!

  • Call us to receive detailed directions to our farm, and to confirm your arrival time (maybe within 2 hours of your arrival) just in case there has been a last-minute emergency/schedule change with your departure or our family/farm. 712-370-0851, or see our Contact Us page for more ways to reach us.

  • Enter through the garage. We do not use our front door.

  • Wear clothes appropriate for visiting a farm. Our driveway is 400 feet of gravel, not paved. High-heeled shoes sink in if it is wet from rain. We don't recommend wearing light-colored slacks or pants that can easily stain or snag from little puppy toenails, etc. Jeans and tennis shoes/boots are a much better idea. Make it something comfortable, as the best place to interact with puppies is to sit on the floor with them.
    **Don't dress up to impress us...we probably will be wearing chore clothes/boots because we are outside so much! ;-)

  • If you are coming to pick up your puppy and are interested in payment options, visit our "Paying" page.

  • Exemption From Liability: Please be aware that small puppies bite, especially fingers and toes. They soon grow out of this stage of cognitive development, but until then, they do nip/bite! Under Iowa Law (and almost all states' laws), a domesticated animal professional is not liable for damages suffered by, an injury or illness to, or the death of a participant resulting from the inherent risks of domesticated animal activities, pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 673 or similar code. You are assuming the inherent risks of participating in this domesticated animal activity when you interact with, buy or own any animal purchased in the state of Iowa.

  • We are not allowed to let visitors enter our dog's fenced-in areas/homes. This prevents potential contamination of our dogs' homes by germs on visitors' shoes. Also, some insurance companies are canceling homeowners' policies for anyone that raises puppies. It doesn't matter whether you raise tiny Chijuajuas, great big Mastiffs, or anything in between.  So, we are protecting our insurer by not allowing in-kennel visits. We will bring puppies to the kitchen/livingroom, but can't let people go to the kennel/nursery room or out of our yard due to liability.


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