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CR Mr Haney

2010 AKC and UKC Registered
~11.5" tall, ~16 lbs (varies with season)

"Mr Haney" is our smallest beagle boy, weighing in at about 15 lbs most of the year (though he was up to 17 lbs one time!). He is an energetic and curious beagle with a nice tail brush, good movement, and fun color genetics. His puppies are tri-colored, chocolate tri, silver (blue) tri, and lilac tri in color.

Mr Haney's babies will not likely be candidates for conformation classes at shows. Mr Haney has a longer nose, higher-set ears, and more curve to his tail than the current show-style beagles. He has a nice, level back, correct legs and good movement. If his puppies take after him, they could be great in agility competition, but not in conformation/beauty classes. Mostly, they are great family pets.

We have heard from several of Mr Haney's puppy families that his puppies are extremely easy to potty train.

Because of his small size, Mr Haney's puppies could be ideal for those wanting a smaller beagle due to living in town or having a small yard. His puppies' sizes vary, depending upon the mother of the litter and whether they take after him or not. When possible, I will label his puppies as being small or average-sized based upon birth size and growth while nursing.

Mr Haney's Sire
Mr Haney's Sire

Some of Mr Haney's Puppies from the Past:

I adopted Lucy back in October 2011. She's the most wonderful dog. My brother in law just got to meet her last week at a family reunion and fell in love with her. They now want to adopt one of Lucy's sisters from an upcoming litter.

I will send you a recent picture of my little girl. She stopped growing at 12 lbs!

2011 Mr Haney x Bitty


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