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Customer Comments


We enjoy reading about the exploits of the puppies we have raised that are now in new homes. For a long time, we just read and enjoyed them within our family. But we realized that some of you want to hear about the good (and the challenging) things others have found from getting a new puppy. So, we're putting some of the comments here on this page for others to refer to.

Good morning Toni.

My name is Sheila. I purchased Maggie (aka Princess) from you a few years ago. I cannot thank you enough. She is a happy, healthy, spoiled dog and is so loved by us.

I had to tell you this story... Back in June 2014, I was tired so I went to take a nap. Maggie was sniffing my chest, then started digging at it. I was pushing her off because it hurt, but she kept doing it. I stood up and felt the area, found a small lump which ended up being triple negative breast cancer.

I am 44 years old. This type of cancer is not easily detected and did not show up on my mammogram. Most women with this type of cancer usually don't find it until the late stages. I am stage 1.

If it wasn't for Maggie, I wouldn't have found it in time!

I had a double mastectomy and currently undergoing chemo. My last treatment is this Thursday! Yay!

I've attached a few pics of Maggie:) Thank you so much!

2010 Bandit x Nellie Glynn

I hope you and yours had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are healthy and happy!

Well, my kitchen floor is covered in dog toys and water spots from drippy long ears and we all love it! Sister Merry Puppins "Pup" (long story..and it may not stick LOL) is doing well. She has slept in her crate the last two nights from 9pm to 6am without waking/whining or any accidents. I pray it continues. We are still trying different things for the puppy biting/chewing and hope to figure it out soon. We've had accidents, but not many. She will try to go the minute we put her outside in our fenced dog kennel! We think she's pretty darn smart! The bell on the door is a work in progress. We are ALL learning! :)

Thanks again for such a great "Pup"! We couldn't love her more!

Update, 2 weeks later...

Well, her name DID change. (My family was not a fan of Merry Puppins...they didn't see the humor!) We named her See Biscuit Run a.k.a Biscuit We had a Bagle before, so apparently we're using a "dough" theme to name our dogs! ;) Also, it's a good play on words for that famous horse.

Such a great puppy! She has been sleeping all night pretty consistently, with no accidents. We raked leaves last weekend (oak trees...lots of oak trees) and she loved playing in the piles and would totally disappear and pounce out...hilarious! Last night we were playing in the family room, and she was pretty wound up. She suddenly races out of the room, right to the back door, rings that bell and it was all I could do to get over there, get her out the door, down the steps, into the pen and wallah, she squatted and did her business. A very proud moment indeed! LOL!

Thanks again for raising such a great pup! We love Biscuit...the wonder beagle. :)

2017 Ford x Buggs

Update: Nino's doing great! Fully potty trained after about 3 weeks here, he rides the 4 wheeler and the gator, loves car rides, he's played with about 20 other dogs, loves people, fetches and retrieves like a champ (and brings it back :) ), he's up to about 11 pounds and my vet is in love with him. He's got tons of toys, loves laying on the couch and is very much a snuggle bug.

Thank you so much again! Give Penny and Armstrong kisses!

2017 Armstrong x Penny

Hi Toni,

I thought I would send you some photos of our puppy we got from you now that she is getting close to 6 months old. She was from Pennyís July 10th litter (Female #3). We named her Izabella (she is called Izzie most of the time or sometimes Izziebusy because she is so busy!). She is very, very sweet and very, very ornery all wrapped up in one (if I can take just a couple of words to describe her). We love her. She annoys our other beagle, Molli, quite a bit as any little sister (puppy) would. But they also like playing. We keep telling Molli that it is payback for when she was a puppy and her annoyance for our other older beagle, Chloe, at that timeÖshe doesnít believe us. :-)

Thanks so much for the wonderful puppy. She adapted pretty easily to her move here and I think that is because of your good care you take of the puppies before you let them leave and that you take them away from their mother after they are weanedÖIím guessing that helps them adapt to their new families easier.

Thanks so much! Ed and Sally O
Armstrong x Penny, 2016

Photo by Lisa S

Star is warming up to Bailey, and is pretty patient with Baily who is playing the role of annoying little brother to perfection. This whole incident lasted 2-3 minutes, with Bailey being the instigator. He likes to torture Star by hiding under furniture. Towards the end , Star seems to admit defeat. (referring to a video that I can't share because I don't know how to)
Bailey is 8 lbs now  and is a true cuddle bug, with a lot of spunk.  Star is about 28 lbs and doing great. The vet is highly impressed by how good both dogs look, their conformation and overall health.

Jay and Lisa S

Clark x Hershey 2014
Clark x Stormy 2016


Paisley is turning out to be a wonderful family dog! Our 15 year old is a great playtmate for her! She has her own Instagram page as well :)

Attached are a few photos of her in the last couple months. Her looks have changed so much from her puppy days.

She is a beautiful beagle and is loved dearly!

Dan and Jeanine

Armstrong x Betsy 2016

Hi Toni, here's Hogan, and he is sure is photogenic! He's almost 16 weeks and is so smart! He can do 5 different behaviors already. We are certainly enjoying every moment.
Just thought I'd send a cute update. Hope you are well.

Thanks again,

Trax x Casey 2016

I thought that I would let you know that Gromit is doing very well. She was spayed last week, and recovered very quickly. She is now about 13" and 18 pounds, so she has had a bit of a growth spurt, since the last time I sent you an update. I get lots of compliments on her, and have given your name to several people who were interested in beagles. Of course her tail, gets the most comments with "her tail is so cute" being the most common comment.

She is so well behaved that most people think that I am lying when I tell them that she is only six months old. Most think that she is over two because of her good behavior. She is very smart and has been incredibly easy to train. This is probably because she is smart, and not my first time puppy training skills. Most tricks she has learned after 2-3 tries, and never needs to be shown again. The trainer at Petco told my training class that in the 5 years that he has been training puppies that he has never seen one come in so well behaved and quick to learn skills. He said that I was very lucky to get her, and that he has never seen a beagle that is so quick and willing to learn new skills. He said that if I wanted I could probably enter her in a service dog training program if I ever needed it.

She still never barks, and has never chewed on anything but her toys. I usually leave my shoes on the floor and she never touches them. I am very happy to have her, and she has become a member of my family. I will try to send you an update around Christmas, since I am planning on getting a picture done for puppy's first Christmas.

Thank you again,

Brandon K.
2011 Mr Haney x Sassy

Snowflake, Agility Champion

Just wanted to share this with you. We bought Snowflake from you November 2009. She's a very active dog and loves to play. My kids just loved her.

My daughter worked with her this year. Both of them showed for the first time in 4H and did a wonderful job competing in county and state fair.

Thank you and God bless.
2009 Coppertop x Suzie Q

Hi Toni!

This is Madyson at 7 months spoiled rotten! She is such a love bug and turning into a young lady! She spends a lot of time at my daughters with their dog and my 2 grandson's which has made a huge difference she just needs to be around another dog or people. Here she is either on your lap or at your heels. She is definitely my dog but starting to spend time with Jeff.

And she is our still our track star. Between my daughter and myself we run her 5 to 6 miles and she still wants to play ball when we get back! !!!

Jeff didn't think a dog could be more affectionate than our last one but she has proven that wrong. She certainly tested the waters a month or so ago but we are getting there and believe she is going to be a great dog.

Just wanted to share a couple of pics with you. Hope all is well with you and your family and the new year is going well too.

Armstrong x Penny 2016

Hey Toni, just wanted to say we got our registration papers in the mail today. Also wanted to thank you again, we are SO HAPPY with our puppy. Henry is getting bigger everyday and he brightens our days so much. Needless to say, we'll probably meet again (I'm guessing in a year or two Henry will decide he needs a playmate). But until then, here are a couple recent pictures of him. Devonn is so happy to be a "mommy" and Henry is completely in love with her. He is right by her side at all times. Thank you so much for being so nice and easy to deal with. You really helped bring a new family together, and we can't thank you enough!
2014 Hershey x Clark

Hi Toni, here's Hogan! Sure is photogenic! He's almost 14 months and is so smart! He can do 5 different behaviors already. We are certainly enjoying every moment.
Just thought I'd send a cute update. Hope you are well.
Thanks again

2016 Trax x Casey


Hi Toni,

Just wanted to tell you how much we love Blue. He was so shy and timid at first, but he has fully come out of his shell. I can't get over how smart and well behaved he is. He learned the "go potty" command in one day. He comes on command, and he sleeps through the night and he has not whined, barked or bayed in his kennel for more than 5 min. He is a great dog! Thanks again for everything.

2011 Mr Haney x Farrah

Hi Toni!

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Duke aka "Farrahs boy #2".

Things are going well! He gets his last shot on Monday (rabies I believe). He is one spoiled boy! He is 7 lbs now and getting more active every day. Potty training was a breeze!

I hope all is well!

Thank you again and everyone keeps asking where they can get one! I'm sending everyone your way!

2012 Mr Haney x Farrah

Hello Toni!

It has been quite a while since we have spoken. It was my dad and I that drove out to Iowa last summer to pick up our little guy, Ollie. He was one of a litter of 5 from Bitty Bunny and Barkshire Hathaway. We hope that all is still well with your family, horses, beagles, and garlic!

We were writing because today is Ollie's first birthday and we wanted to update you on how he has been and to thank you. He has been so amazing and we love him with all of our heart! Attached you will find some of our favorite pictures from the last year, starting with our road trip back home from your home all the way to our most recent hiking adventure. He is so loving and energetic, fun and playful. Our friends and family love his playful and obedient nature. His colors and markings have turned out beautifully and his health has been perfect, his ears are still big and floppy too. He loves to hike, go on walks, play fetch and play tug-o-war, and he especially loves to play with his best friend Wallace (a Brindle Boxer). He loves to cuddle up next to us and sleep with us, in general he just loves to be where we are curled up next to us. He was easy to train, he even rings a bell by our front door to let us know that he needs to go "empty" outside. So thank you so much for making us the happiest puppy parents around.

Your facility, beliefs, and values when it comes to your beagles truly works. Ollie is such an amazing dog and we are so thankful that you gave us the opportunity to have him join our family. He celebrated his birthday today with a very very big bone that he loves to chew on as well as brand new grown-up puppy bed to sleep in. We feel very blessed to have him as part of our life and blessed to have met you in the first place.

Many blessings and well wishes to you,

Evan and Shelley
Khaktus x Bitty, 2010

It's Mark and Amy from Idaho and I wanted to just send you an update of the beagle 'Kingston' you sent to us last summer. He is the most amazing dog and we could not have asked for a better family member. Kingston is best buds with Mark's parents dog Murphy, they are inseparable and enjoy every second that they have together. Kingston and I hike 45-60 min a every morning and I couldn't ask for a better exercise partner! We are just so happy to have Kingston in our lives and love to involve him in everything we do. He is so beautiful, healthy, and friendly to everyone. We just got his yearly check up and he is 21 lbs. and 14 inches tall, plus as healthy as can be!! We just love him and wanted to send you an update on our little buddy :)

Mark & Amy
2010 Trax x Barbie

Hi Toni!!

Wow the summer is going by way too fast. Hope everything is going good for you. Have some new pictures of Bella for you. I saw that you changed your address and didn't know if you got my last pictures or not.

Bella has really grown but has finally slowed down. She is sure a joy to have around and I am so glad that I found your web page and contacted you. You raise amazing dogs with wonderful personalities.

Bella is go, go, go until about 11 at night then its bed time for her and then she sleeps all night long. Oh yeah, she is very shy to strangers lol and doesn't like loud noises and she hates when Buddy barks at other people but she doesn't mind when he barks when playing. lol

Will let you go for now
Will keep you updated with pictures

2013 Crystal x Trax

I just wanted to send you some pictures of Cooper and tell you thank you! He is such a good puppy and brings so much to our lives!! He is playful, curious and smart! He's 10 pounds now and loves his toys! We hung a bell on the door we take him out at and for the first two weeks every time we went out we would ring that with his paw and now he does it on his own and has had just a handful of accidents!! Hope you have had a good summer!

Katie & Dan
2012 Mr Haney x Sassy

Toni Ė Filby is doing wonderfully! Heís about 15+ lbs at 5 months. I have a collection of 10 puppy teeth now. He has been taking training classes and has learned some basic commands - sit, down, stay (for 3 seconds), leave it. He enjoys playing in the snow and long, long walks. Iím considering agility training for him because he has much energy, is smart, and loves to leap over things and play games (find it, shell games where I hide a treat under a cup). He hates baths, is scared of helium balloons (?) and loves to cuddle. He strikes the most regal poses unexpectedly. He did this in puppy class ( like he was standing at attention in a show ring) and folks were fawning over him. Of course, he gets into trouble, too! We love him and his silly beagle ways Smile

Hope all is well with you and your family!

2012 Bandit x Buggs

Hey Toni,

How are things going?

Buddy is 100% housebroken and rings his little bell every time he has to go out. He is extremely smart and learns very quickly.

And here some recent pics I have taken. He is about 14" tall and weighs 28lbs. The vet thinks he is pretty much done growing maybe 2 or 3 more lbs and that's it.

Hope all is well.


Mark M.
2008 Sammy x Hannah

I adopted Lucy back in October 2011. She's the most wonderful dog. My brother in law just got to meet her last week at a family reunion and fell in love with her. They now want to adopt one of Lucy's sisters from an upcoming litter.

I will send you a recent picture of my little girl. She stopped growing at 12 lbs.

2011 Mr Haney x Bitty

I have been going to write for months. We have Lily the puppy from Khatus and Squirt born in March. She is a wonderful dog. She has given us many laughs and happy times. She has been housebroken from the first week and has been able to be alone in the house since September. When I started back to school we worried that she would be lonesome. I think she sleeps in her bed in the kitchen during the day and rests up for us. She did miss Taylor went he left for college but she has loved having everyone home for Christmas break.

I still check the website almost every day and see how the other beagles are doing and what is happening with you!

I have attached 3 pictures so you can see Lily now! We have an invisible fence around the entire yard since July and she has been perfect with the fence. It is so nice to be in the yard and she can travel with us and we don't have to worry.

We knew we were getting a quality dog when we picked Lily up but she is the best natured and is a loyal companion. Thanks for raising such great dogs.

Happy New Year,

2009 Khaktus x Squirt

I asked Sue about her invisible fence experience, and she replied with more info. We've had several puppies trained at their new homes with the invisible fence, and have had great reports:

The invisible fence has been wonderful. We started training her in July, so Lily was 4 months old! She was so easy to train. I did the 4 training sessions from the company and she did great from the start. We are using the microlight collar because I thought the regular receiver was too big. With all the snow I know her collar does not pick up the beep but she doesn't even think about going in the street. She is not scared of the fence either so she is a happy dog!

I recently reviewed your website for a college course I am taking, and thought my family would drop you a line and say hello. We purchased a beagle puppy named Toby back in 2007, from the litter of Goldie Hound and Buster Joe. Toby now lives in New Hampshire in the snow. He has brought our family much happiness and joy. He is a very loved and spoiled member of our family.

Thought we would send you some pictures to show you him at almost 3yrs old.

Again, we thank you,

Rebecca E. and Family
2007 Buster x Goldie

Hello! We though you may want to see pictures of Irie getting all grown up! As of last Friday she is already 7.6 pounds!! She is doing great with house training and is very active little girl. She has met the other family pets and did wonderful with them! She also caught herself a sparrow on Thanksgiving morning! I guess she was jealous of our bird and wanted one of her own;)

Thanks again!
Mark and Jamie
Coppertop x Suzie Q 2009

Hi Toni:

My wife and I were talking and said we wished we would of had a little more time to talk with you and your family last friday when Amy bought Bailey.

Amy had her checked out by our veterinarian because he wanted to see her when Amy got her home. Our vet said you run an excellent kennel and do a fantastic job with dogs and pups from what he saw in Bailey.

She has already learned to go to the door, come up the back porch steps and ramp. She has already had her first puppy barks. She is giving Kaylee (our other beagle) a hard time, like kaylee used to do to the yellow lab. She is such a joy and pleasure to have. She likes to bite your toes pull hair and all good puppy things. Best of all she knows the meaning of the word no.

You are a credit to the Beagle Breeders and you never know we may get another one someday from you. We found the diamond brand dog food for Bailey at one of our local groomers and pet stores.

Please stay in touch and we plan on recommending you and your kennel to all people we know who mightwant a Beagle.

Glen, Helen, and Amy
Khaktus x Liz, 2011

My new alarm clock is a bite on the nose. That tells me she has to go out. She is really good about that ....sniffs her way to the door and looks back at me. This morning after doing what doggies do when you first let them out, I was praising her and she was so excited because she knew she did good that she hopped up in the air and did a 360 and took off running. She is so awesome. The only time I have been apart has been yesterday and today at work. When I got home, she came running up to and managed a little bark.......Dad said he let her out yesterday and when she was done she scratched on the door to be let back in and ran right up the stairs and plopped into the pile of clothes I had on the floor and went to sleep. She has mastered the stairs. She tears around the house and yard at a 100 miles an hour and when she hits the linoleum in the kitchen and turns, her back end slides out from her. It is so cute.

We have a grocery bag with a box of milk bones in it that sits on the floor and she pulls that all around the kitchen. She also loves TV.....the first night she put her paws up on a little footstool we have in front of the TV and was watching the screen with her little tail wagging like crazy. She will sit in the chair with me and watch it, tilting her little head back and forth watching the whole screen. In the car, she crawls into my lap and goes to sleep. Or lays next to me up against the console.

She is just the best and everyone who has seen her has fallen in love.

Rob in Utah
"BayLeigh," 2007 puppy, Ho-Jo's Buster Joe x Rons Ramblin Rose

Bart is one of Sal's puppies, and Maggie is a sister
to a couple of our beagle mothers.

Hi Toni and family,

I want you to know that Maggie is growing and flourishing just fine. She is aggressive and runs the household. She loves playing and attacking her older brother Jack. I emailed you and told you that I hired a dog photographer, and she did such a fantastic job. I'm attaching a couple of pictures. Let me know if you want a couple of just Maggie for your web page. We got more pics. of Jack, he just loved the camera. Maggie, not so much. She's still so young a just wants to play, and not cooperate or act on queue. I'll have to hold off on her acting dťbut. I call her Maggie Waggie because her tail still wags a mile a minute. Everyone who meets them can't believe they are not biologically related.

Take Care,
Gina, Jack, and Maggie
Buckwheat x Haley 2007 puppy

Hi Toni, Just thought I'd share a picture of our Marley with you. He's growing so fast, we can hardly believe it! He's been such a great puppy, thanks so much for all of your help and for raising such quality puppies! Chelsey R
Buckwheat x Suzie Q 2006 puppy

Hi Toni, we took Sonny in today and she said everything looked good. Everyone thought he was so neat and had never saw a beagle that color. They gave him his shot and he is doing ok, right now he is resting. I had them do a fecal exam and it came back negative so that is good =) He weighed 5.5 pounds. I brought in his health record and she said she thinks he should still have 3 more shots just to be safe. Is that normal for them to want to do that? (Answer: Yes...we give 4 shots in the series, but some veterinarians feel 3 is sufficient) The vet also gave me a heart worm protection medicine. Well have a good night=)

Always, Crystal
Khaktus x Rainey 2009 Puppy

Toni, Here are some pictures of Spike. As you can see he's adjusting just fine!!!! He started Chewmania at about the 5th day of his arrival and we were thinking we should have named him Chewy, but we were given some corrections to give him and he's catching on just great. He had only woken up in the middle of the night once (that was the second night he was here) and he's had a few inside accidents, but that's to be expected. He and the other dog get along Great!!! We'll keep you updated!! Thanks, Shelly

Thought we would send some recent pictures of the two beagles we purchased back in August, (think they were from your 1st letter at the end of June). The tan and white is the male (Lucky) (wow! everyone who has seen him has been impressed) and the tri- colored is the female (Kenya).  They were spayed and neutered about two weeks ago.  We could not be happier with the dogs.  Thank you very much. Darren and Shannon
Buckwheat x Suzie Q 2006 puppy

Hi Toni-

I just  thought I should take the time and let you know how the puppy is doing.  My husband got home with her about 11:30 pm Saturday night, she is so beautiful and so little.  We really love her :-)

Our other dog, Sunny (a rat terrier) is starting to adjust to the new addition to the family.  She didn't quite know what to think about getting a sister after being an only  child since we lost our last beagle in 2002.  Bailey and Sunny are doing a lot of running in the yard so the puppy is very tired by the end of the day.  Its really cute when Bailey can't catch Sunny when they are running she barks are her.  It is the cutest little bark.  My daughter said that Bailey howled for the first time today, I can't wait to hear it!

She sleeps in bed with my daughter and sleeps very good, Heather only has to get up once a night to take her outside. it is really amazing she really doesn't cry at all.  I remember when the other dogs were young pups and we first brought them home at night time they would cry a lot.  Why is it when you get a puppy the puppy always wants to eat the adult dog food and the adult dog only wants to eat the puppy food?  I think that's our biggest problem with the two of them, they wait until they are really hungry to eat because we won't let them eat each others food.

She is adjusting very well and we are really enjoying having her as part of our family.  I will send you pictures as she grows so you can see how she's doing.

Thank you very much for allowing us to adopt one of your puppies. It is wonderful to have a beagle in the family again.  I love all dogs but there is a special place in my heart for beagles, the first dog I remember my family having when I was a child was a beagle named Lady and I have just always loved beagles. When my daughter was 2 years old (she is 17 now) and I felt she should have a dog I went out and got a beagle.  So as you can see I have a history with beagles, I think they are the most loving dogs you could ever have and they are excellent with small children.

Take care and thanks again,

Buckwheat x Clara 2007 puppy

Hi Toni,

I thought I would just drop you a line and send you a recent picture of our puppy, Apple, whom we picked up from you last December. She has grown into a beautiful dog and gets along so well with Katie (our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) who is also in the picture. She's very obedient, energetic, kind and smart! I can't thank you enough for allowing us to have such an important and cherished member of our family.


Dan Ho x Clara 2006 puppy

Hi Toni,
I keep meaning to drop you an email and then I don't get a chance. I hope that things have settled down for you guys.

Baron is doing great -- he never even acted like he had, had surgery (except he tried to lick the stitches). . . he would run around and go crazy as if everything was normal. We've had to really try to keep him settled down for the sake of the stitches and healing. . but he is doing awesome!! He really likes to rough house with JR. . . and he likes to curl up and snuggle with me (he is sleeping on my feet as I write this!!) He seems to be getting adjusted -- he sleeps well (except when he needs to go out), likes to tickle us with his cold, wet nose, and we're all getting along great! I was going to attach a couple of brand new pictures of him, but I just realized I haven't uploaded them to the computer so here are two from the airport. . .

Have a great weekend!!
Deborah and JR
Buster x Goldie 2007 puppy

Thank you for the update Toni.  We are doing great. "Fionna" is so fun. We renamed her Manny. She is almost through potty training and loves our former dog Lexa which is a shih zu.  They are constantly playing and entertaining each other.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful well mannered puppy!!!!

-Courtney V
Buster x Lemon Liz 2008 puppy, 2 weeks after receiving her

Hi Toni!

Brittany here just saying hi! I have Rose's female puppy #3 and just wanted check in! Sorry it has taken me so long to get in touch but school and work and the puppy has made life super busy ha. We named her Mazie. Honestly, she is the most beautiful, adorable puppy we have ever known. The vet even told me that when they took her in the back that everyone who saw her said she was one of the "cutest puppies they have ever seen." No lie.

She really is wonderful. She is super smart (already somewhat knows come, sit, stay, down, paw, etc even though she is a treat driven dog already haha) and almost completely crate trained. She can only make it to about 3 hours or so in the her crate during the day and very verrrry seldom has an accident. Sleeping at night is a piece of cake! She goes to bed at about 11 or 1130 and wakes up at 7am or later and goes right outside. We have a German Shepherd who is 1 now and they just LOVE each other. At first it was a bit scary to see them play because Kailee, our GSD, has HUGE teeth and they of course, show their teeth when they play. Now Kailee is waiting outside my door in the morning for Mazie to come and play. After Mazie takes her naps in her kennel there is Kailee waiting for her. It is truly amazing.

Mazie is also great with kids. She does nip a big more than usual and gets a little over tired and mouthy when she needs a nap. Otherwise, she is a wonderful puppy. I remember you saying in one of the first e-mails regarding Rose's puppies, you mentioned that this may be her last litter, and of course after the accident I understand even more, but will this litter be her last for sure? We have a Cock-a-poo who is very very old and probably has a year left at the most and I know that as soon as he goes my mom wants another dog. Now that we have Mazie, my mom, who grew up with Beagles, has just fallen bank in love with the breed, which is obviously very easy to do! I know she will want a male and know Mazie will eventually need a friend too when I move out someday so you may find us to be repeat customers in the future because we could not be happier with Mazie.

I included a few pictures. They are mostly of just Mazie playing, some with her and Kailee, and another with our little cousin (she is sleeping in the pic but it really shows how amazing beagles are with kids and how easy...Mazie just sleeps and lets anyone, even little kids, wake her up, take her toys away, and so on).

Thank you again for everything! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!


Coppertop x Rose 2008 puppy

I thought that I would send you some pics of Gideon so you could see what he has grown up to be. We love him so much. He is truly a indispensable member of our family. He is now completely house broken of course, likes to chase laser pointer lights, loves anyone and everyone, gets along with other animals and is such a loving and sweet dog. We couldn't be happier with him.

Thanks for our newest member of the family. And if we ever decide to get a second puppy, we will definitely be coming back to you.


Buster x Rose 2007 puppy


I just wanted to drop you a note on how well Cali our pup we got last summer is doing. We got her to do search and rescue. She is an amazing dog, I never realized what love bugs beagles are. She is only 16 months (almost 17) but she has had a busy time.

In June she passed her CGC, and my daughter showed her in her 4H dog show and she won Champion dog in conformation. Then the beginning of July we passed our first NASAR certification for search and rescue.

Then two weeks ago we were called out on our first search, yeah super exciting, then disappointing for Cali by the time we got there the search was over, a passer by found the kid walking out of a corn field and brought him back. She was really excited, she loves to work and is super smart.

She is a princess and makes sure everyone around her knows that she is. We couldn't have asked for a better dog!!!

Thanks again

Amanda Rose


I donít know if you remember me, but you are responsible for my existence. I was born on your property on the 5th of October last year. That means I just turned six months old. I thought Iíd bring you up to date on my life, if youíre interested.

I currently have two people and one dog. After the male person took me away from you (I cried and cried and cried), we ended up at some place Iíd never seen before. The female person was surprised to see me, but she seemed to like me. The dog I havenít figured out yet. When I first saw him, I was really happy and jumped up tried to lick him, but he ran away. Imagine, a big dog like him running away from me. Heís sort of started to tolerate me, I think. Now that I go outside many times each day, we play chase on the grass (when there was snow on the ground, my people wouldnít let me out; something about I might get chilled being so young). I chew on sticks that are on the ground, and I sniff all over the place. One thing I heard my female person say is she wishes Iíd go to sleep outside, but thereís just too much stuff to see and hear to even think about going to sleep.

My male person seems friendly, but heís strict. I canít get away with doing things around him that I can around my female person. But he still pets me, hugs me, scratches me, and... And what? He puts a leash and chain collar on me and makes me walk all over the place. The second weekend (whatever that is, but that is what both my persons called it) I was with them, he made me walk and walk. I donít know what 4 miles is, but he said we walked that far. At least one morning a week he takes just me for a long walk so we can have some quality time. One time he took me to see someone who, to his surprise, was afraid of me. She said she was afraid of all dogs. All sorts of other people were coming into the place where we were, and they all petted me, but she was afraid OF ME!!

Anyway, I like those walks. But now heís doing something else. He has this thing called a bicycle, with some pole coming off the back of it that he hooks me to. Now we go
places with that, but faster. I like to trot along between 5 and 6 MPH. Sometimes I try to pull him faster, but he doesnít oblige too often.

My female person was really worried and upset with me when I first came because I was always peeing (forgive my language, but urinating is a big word for a dog). Of course, I was drinking water a lot, too. I got some pills that I ate with some hot dog pieces, and that helped me a bit. It may have just been my age, but Iíve slowly gotten better. My female person still takes me out more than I think I may need, but she says something about being better safe than sorry.

I like to play a lot. I really like to play with Bear, the other dog. He doesnít play with me that much, though. Maybe itís because I always start playing by biting him, most of the time somewhere where he canít reach me to pull me off. Someone said I was mean because of that, but I just want to get him to play. He leaves me along a lot and goes downstairs. Or, he goes to what is called a ďsafe zoneĒ, in front of my male personís chair. I canít bother him when heís sitting or lying there. When I can stand it no longer, I finally go to sleep. It doesnít take much to wake me up, but I sleep off and on during the day. I almost always sleep through the nightĖat least until someone gets up and disturbs me. Then I get up, get taken outside to relieve myself, and go back to bed.

Sometimes I go right back to sleep, and other times I feel I donít need any more sleep. And, when I donít need any more sleep, neither does anyone else in the house. Itís amazing that my little 20-pound body has so much power!

Well, Iíve probably bored you, and Iím sorry about that. Have you heard anything about my brothers? Are they doing OK? I overheard that my daddy went somewhere else. I hope he has a good time wherever he went.

But, most of all, I want to thank you for letting me go to these persons. I think Iím growing on them, which means all I have to do is figure out which one does what for me, and Iíll have it made.


And from her "host family" a year later (the ones she lets live in her house):

Hi, Toni,

The past year has been an adventure. Abby is definitely, smart, stubborn, quick, demanding, and a few other things. I wish I had a video camera to let you see, and hear, her chasing a basketball around the yard. She just punctured the 2nd basketball in about three weeks, but it deflated just enough that it still semi rolls, yet she can pick it up and carry it.

She and I, sometimes alone and sometimes with Bear, take extended strolls Saturday and Sunday mornings. The longest we've done, as measured by a GPS, is an 8-mile jaunt. Normal Saturday jaunts are between 4 and 6 miles, with Sunday being somewhere around 3-4 miles. And, yes, I walk every step also. Health people say we should walk 10,000 steps a day; I get that done well before breakfast!

I've attached six pictures of her taken today. They aren't that great, I'll be the first to admit. I have an extremely slow responding digital camera, so what I was hoping to get isn't at all what I get. One picture I deleted was Abby with her eyes shut; must have caught her in a blink. Also, are you sure there isn't some retriever in her background somewhere? She has an absolutely perfect point. One slightly blurry picture I attached sort of shows one that isn't her best by far. I was holding the deflated basketball in one hand, and the other hand had the slow-responding camera. Hence the blur.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this info along. I'd say it's obvious I'm not as good a writer as she was at six months, but I can take that in stride.

All the best from Lincoln, the land of ABBY!!


Buckwheat x Suzie Q 2007 puppy

Hi, Toni!

I've meant to email you updates, and it just always seems time gets away from me. Hershey was one of Tweetie's chocolate beagles born in December last year. I took pictures when he turned eight months and I have one in particular that I just love and wanted to share with you. (It's attached to the email). I just think he's beautiful. I love his coloring and he has the prettiest eyes! He's just the sweetest, most loving puppy!

He's really been a good boy. He has one crazy time each evening and we say "look out" because he is WOUND UP! He is the best snuggler ever and we just love him. It looks like you have your hands full with a puppy boom! I saw Tweetie & Khaktus have had puppies again and thought it was interesting how some of these were the tri-color pups.

I hope you enjoy seeing the picture! Take care!
Khaktus x Tweetie, 2008 puppy

Hi Toni! My husband and I purchased a khaki beagle from you almost a year ago. At that time we weren't married but we just got married June 13th of this year! Anyways, we just wanted to share this picture of Merlin. He's been the BEST dog we've ever had. He's so cute, friendly, and lovable. We just love him to death! I attached a picture of his 1st birthday party which was September 15th. I thought you would enjoy seeing this! :)

Justin & Jennifer
Khaktus x Rainey, 2008 puppy

Merry Christmas! Tom & I have been sitting and enjoying the photos on your website. I bet with no puppies around it is VERY quiet at your house. Thought we would send you a few new photos of Deuce He was named for Deuce McCallister who used to play for the New Orleans Saints. We went to New Orleans in Oct and brought him back a doggy jersey. He loves to cuddle. He is naughty sometimes but we truly love him and he is such a joy to our life. Thanks. Hope 2010 is a good year for you. Stay in touch.

Tom and Dawn
Khaktus x Rainey, 2008 puppy



We wanted to let you know that Ruby (Rainey's Female #3) had a wonderful vet visit on Wednesday. Our vet said over and over again what a beautiful and healthy pup she was. He was also impressed with the level of care she'd received prior to us picking her up and was appreciative of the records you provided. She is settling into her new home nicely, and even slept from 9pm-6:30am this morning without making a peep! She is also obsessed with our older dog and they have been playing a lot of follow the leader. After we picked her up, we did end up stopping on the way home at a hotel and she got to encounter her first blizzard!

Thanks again for being a wonderful, responsible breeder. We could not be happier with our little pup.

Megan and Thomas
Khaktus x Rainey, 2012 puppy

Hi Toni,

I have been meaning to send you an email since we picked up our beagle puppy (his name is Riley), but he has kept us pretty busy, along with the holidays!

Riley is the most adorable and precious puppy in the world! It must be great to have them around all of the time.

We were a little concerned about how he would get along with our cat, but the cat basically avoids him (which is good) when he wants to play with her. He gets along great with my son's dog, they tire each other out running around the house. He loves everyone in the house and every person who came by for Christmas (of course, they fell in love with him also!)

He is not quite house trained yet, but getting there. We basically watch him constantly and take him out when it looks like he might need to go, or about every hour or so. He has become accustom to his kennel, when we need to leave for a bit. We leave music on and it seems to calm him. Of course, he always starts out with a bit of howling (it is amazing how loud a little puppy can be!) He is getting spoiled with all of the attention! He also howls & barks when you leave the room and he wants to keep playing. It doesn't help that everyone tends to rock him to sleep! My wife says I spend more time with him than I did with our 4 kids (just kidding though)!

He is also great about picking up anything he can find for chewing (we've puppy proofed most of the house). It is amazing how he knows when he has gotten something he is not supposed to have. He runs to hide, when we try to approach him, he just darts away! It is a big chase!

He has some favorite toys, especially a large ball of my nephew's. He is great at retrieving a toy you through and returning it.

On his third day with us, he got diarrhea, so we took him to the Vet. They thought it might be something he caught on the plane trip. The test came back and it was not a parasite, so they said it was probably some type of infection or related to food. He went to the Vet again today for his last shot and chip. He weighted about 6.5lbs, so growing fast! Vet said he is very healthy.

I have not registered him yet, not sure when we are supposed to do this (I guess any time?)

I am so lucky to have Riley. Thanks for raising such a precious puppy!

Trax x Hershey 2009 puppy

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